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Lab Rental

Our labs are available for rental. They come fully-equipped with one-way mirror and full audio-video recording capabilities, suitable for both focus groups and user testing.

Business value : Setting up a UX lab is a costly affair. By renting, you get to conduct all the user research activities critical to the success of your projects, without worrying about the fixed cost issues.

Participant Recruitment

Our recruitment footprint and partnership covers the whole of Southeast Asia, with successful track record even for elusive target participants

Business value : We provide a one-stop solution of recruitment from screening to scheduling so that you can run your research smoothly

Research Moderation

We have collectively over 20 years of running and moderating across Southeast Asia

Business value : Getting local moderators ensures you avoid the cultural minefields and get the impactful insights which matter

Featured Project - Marina Bay Sands Eye Tracking

Marina Bay Sands needs to ensure that local site visitors in key Asia markets – China and Hong Kong are effectively engaged and converted by the website. The company also wants to test the usability and content offerings provided by their mobile app.

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