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Expert Review

A UX expert will go through your product and evaluate the its usability against industrial best practices and latest world-class UX research

Business value : Expert Review is probably the fastest and cheapest way to get UX input on the usability of your product, relative to the other methods

Focus Group Discussions

A group face-to-face interview process where people share what they do, how they perform a task or where they go

Business value : You will gain in-depth understanding over who your product visitors really are, and what types of content they expect from your site. This step also helps to validate the technical requirements from your analysts

User Experience Design

Insights and feedback from research activities are channeled and synthesized into actual site menu, UIs (user interfaces) and screen flows

Business value : Design is when actual pixels are dropped onto screen canvas and across different pages to create the actual product and to render the user journey which will meet both business goals and user needs

Visual Design

Adding brand-appropriate and attractive colour palette and image style to the design

Business value : A carefully-selected creative color palette and appealing look and feel strengthen your branding and make your product stand out among the crowded marketplace

Front-end Development

The design is translated by our engineers into both desktop and mobile responsive codes. Our codes can be easily integrated with your back-end

Business value : Full HTML codes can reduce your development time by up to 20%, while ensuring the User Interface looks and behaves as intended

User Testing

Participants perform representative tasks on fully-functioning sites or prototypes. Any observation and difficulties they exhibit during the process are recording

Business value : Feedback from user testing gives great insight into what works or does not work for your customers. Usability test gives measurable data to the effects of the proposed design

Featured Project : Global Sources B2B Website Design

Global Sources, Nasdaq-listed premier business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China, threw us a nice challenge - they needed our help to design a cutting-edge site for new their product category line – Mobile Electronics.

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