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Over 10 years of Strategic User Experience Design Brilliance

Mind Lens is an award-winning UX consulting firm based in Singapore. For more than 10 years, we have been helping government agencies and organizations around the world design awesome products and services by better aligning them with customer needs, fuelling insight-based innovation, increasing usability and efficiency of software systems, and enhancing user satisfaction and brand loyalty.

As a goal-oriented UX outfit, we believe in the power of data-driven user-centred design. A fluffy, subjective design based on feely-weely intuition and analysis is a no-go for us. Great UX ought to be measurable and all clients deserve that commitment so they can justify their valuable UX budget.

All design decision we take are informed by the painstaking research insights, validated through rigourous testing and expresssed as beautiful, visual experiences.

Olam Intranet
Olam Intranet
Olam Intranet

Why Choose UsHere's why we stand apart and shine

Data-driven Design

We design with evidence-based insights, test objectively and commit to measurable returns

Best-in-class Infrastructure

Our centrally located office in CBD and fully-equipped lab facilities ensure everything's easy and professional

Global Footprint

We have first-hand experience of conducting User Research and UX Design in over 20 countries spread globally

Agile UX

Our design life-cycle modelled after Agile methodology ensures quick turnaround time and effective end user participation

Award-winning track record

Our expertise and contribution to clients is testified by industry recognition and awards

Over 1000 hours of research clocked

Our research and insight team has worked globally and has mastery over diverse research techniques.

Academic collaborations and training

Our consultants have been providing training and teaching Masters' courses at prestigious universities since 2003

Qualified and experienced consultants

All our team members have a Masters or above and extensive experience in UX

Strategic, practical recommendations

We focus on client's business goals and provide pragmatic design solutions that can be implemented in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Meet Our Core TeamOur Master Minds

Yogesh Tadwalkar

Previous child-actor prodigy turned entrepreneur and UX proponent. Yogesh holds a masters degree in Human Factors and a certificate in HCI from Stanford University. He handles overall business startegy and is also Mind Lens' lead trainer

Rudi Lim

Always believed that beauty and usability can go together - then came Flat Design. Rudi holds a masters degree in Human Factors, takes care of global project direction and ensures design brilliance. He is also a star trainer of Mind Lens

Bala Sivagnanam

Conjured the concept of IoT in his teens - but wasn't credited for it because his research paper featured actor Rajanikant as the main persona. Bala holds a masters degree in software engineering and handles overall technical strategy


The living proof that an unfairly blessed academic topper can also make delicious muffins. Asmita is the founding Director of Mind Lens and holds a masters degree in logistics. She manages multi-country projects, finance and HR

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