Goal-driven and Measurable UX Solutions

We harness UX to address your business needs and deliver tangible value
Increasing Conversion

We simplify transaction flows, provide decision suppprt and use clever persuasion techniques to make your customers click that precious “Buy” button

Boosting Internal Collaboration

Using best practices in virtual collaboration and knowledge engineering, we connect people as well as data to inform and inspire

Increasing Site Stickiness

Through personalised content strategy and attractive graphics, we engage end users and enourage repeat visits

Organizing Massive Amount of Data

With advanced information architecture and content mapping techniques, we make navigation easy and search experience intuitive

Designing Interfaces for Complex Tasks

Employing ethnogrphic techniques, we balance task demands with context of use; remove redundancies and optmize efficieny

Designing across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

We craft a holistic design strategy so your products are usable and delightful across all devices

Featured Project:
Olam Intranet UX Research and Design

While commemorating its 50th anniversary in 2014, Olam - a major global commodities trader - entrusted the user-centred revamp of its worldwide intranet to Mind Lens. The startegic objectives included promoting collaboration , enabling better information flow and decision making; and crowdsource innovative business ideas.

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