User Research

Focus Group Discussions

A group face-to-face interview process where people share what they do, how they perform a task or where they go

Business value : You will gain in-depth understanding over who your product visitors really are, and what types of content they expect from your site. This step also helps to validate the technical requirements from your analysts

One-to-One Interview

Face-to-face interaction with individual participants for in-depth probing about user needs, and how people perform tasks

Business value : It helps you to learn who your product visitors really are, and what types of content they expect from your site. And due to its one-to-one nature, the moderator can deep dive into the discussion probes and even get the participant to demo tasks

Online Survey

What people say about who they are, what they do, and where they go

Business value : Online survey represent a quick and cost-effective way to learn who your site visitors really are, and what types of content they expect from your site at a very high level

Contextual Inquiry

We shadow people and observe what they do as they go about their day—not what they say they do

Business value : Observing user behavior at their natural environment, such as their workplace, often helps to create a website that directly supports their day-to-day activities

Diary Study

Participants carry and use your product over time, and with the help of a diary, they record their experiences with that product in their own words

Business value : If you want to understand how your customers use a product over time, a diary study is one of the best ways to uncover a wealth of insight into how your customers use your product

User Testing

Participants are asked to perform tasks on fully-functioning sites or prototypes. Any observation and difficulties they exhibit during the process are recording

Business value : Feedback from user testing gives great insight into what works or does not work for your customers. Usability test gives measurable data to the effects of the proposed design

Featured Project - MOM Field Inspection App

A tablet app to be used by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) field inspectors to carry out safety and health inspection on-site. The app facilitates access to information about the companies and sites. It allows officers to submit completed inspection remotely.

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