Diary Study

Participants carry and use your product over time, and with the help of a diary, they record their experiences with that product in their own words

Business value : If you want to understand how your customers use a product over time, a diary study is one of the best ways to uncover a wealth of insight into how your customers use your product

Contextual Inquiry

We shadow people and observe what they do as they go about their day—not what they say they do

Business value : Observing user behavior at their natural environment, such as their workplace, often helps to create a website that directly supports their day-to-day activities

Service Design

Plan and organize your layout, staff and communication to give your customers the best experiential and interactional memory

Business value : Create an unforgettable experience to create new fans and engage return customers

Featured Project:
Youth Portal UX Innovation

How do you engage and help youths who are on the risk of falling into social problems? It is a nagging problem for the government who wants to reach out to the youths on the digital sphere.This is a nice problem for Mind Lens, who was engaged to study the youths and to recommend the right digital outreach strategy.

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